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Solar first waterproof solar structure feature and advantages


Solar first new project in Malaysia-waterproof solar rooftop

Solar first waterproof Solar Structure

Solar first waterproof Solar Structure:

With Solar First waterproof solar structure, the panels can function to guide the water flow to the guide sink, no need to glue panels but locking with clamps only, and the water guide can be sealed with sealant to complete the water guiding.

Feature and advantages:

1. The panels doesn't need to be glued , convenient and quick in installation.

2. Mechanical waterproof, only the main material needs to be glued, and no affect to water guiding structure.

3. Easy to disassemble, high recovery rate, the panel locked by clamps and can be disassembled at any time.

4. Mechanical waterproofing, free worry about the decreasing for waterproofing performance for a long term.

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