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Solar Floating System – Xiamen Solar First


Solar Floating System – Xiamen Solar First

With the declining use of land resources, the land available for the construction of photovoltaic power plants will become increasingly scarce in the future. At the same time, the advantages of floating photovoltaic systems on water are slowly gaining attention from the photovoltaic industry.

Recently, Solar First has developed several models of floating system to meet market development.


1. Save land resources, have less impact on the water ecological environment.

2. The covering of pv modules can reduce evaporation and algae reproduction.

3. Convenient operation and maintenance, the photovoltaic power station is built on the water, which can reduce the pollution of dust to the components and facilitate the cleaning of the components.

4. Save cost.

5. Recyclable materials, easy to disassemble and assemble.

6. No pollution to water sources, food-grade compatible drinking water and fresh natural water resources.



TGW01 Single Row

1. Easy maintenance

2. Good for larger design wind speed

3. Good flatness, stability and appearance

4. It can be designed at a certain tilt angle, to increase power generation


TGW02 Double Rows

1. Lower cost

2. Tilt angle ≤ 15°

3. Easy maintenance

4. Good flatness, stability and appearance

Different from traditional solar farm on ground, the floating solar system is solar photovoltaic system built on water. Both TGW1 series and TGW2 series are available. All components are highly pre-assembled, ensure the mounting system fast installation & saving labor cost.



Floating solar power plant, applied on the water as pool, small lake, reservoir, is to solve the bigger-ground-area issue of traditional solar power plant.

The solar modules would be installed on the floater which is made of high density polyethylene. Under the premise of ensuring its intensity, the professional structure design, the optimization of floater structure and the simple and convenient splice design improve the efficiency of project installation and then save the cost.

Xiamen Solar First Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of high-tech new materials.

Committed to solving the increasingly severe environmental problems of mankind, and actively responding to the challenges brought by the changes in the global living environment.

By providing high-tech solutions and high-quality services, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the world's new energy.

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