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Solar Tracking System——Solar First


What is a solar tracker?

A solar tracker is a device that follows the sun as it moves across the sky. When solar trackers are coupled with solar panels, the panels can follow the path of the sun and produce more renewable energy for you to use.

Solar trackers are usually paired with ground mount solar systems but recently, rooftop-mounted trackers have come onto the market.

Typically, solar tracking equipment will be connected to the racking of the solar panels. From there, the solar panels will be able to move along with the movement of the sun.

Single axis solar tracker

Single axis trackers follow the position of the sun as it moves from east to west. These are usually used in utility-scale projects. A single axis tracker can increase production between 25% to 35%.

Dual axis solar tracker

This tracker not only tracks the sun as it moves east to west, but also follows it as it moves from north to south. Two axis trackers are more common among residential and small commercial solar projects that have limited space, so they can produce enough power to meet their energy needs.


* Concrete with Pre-buried Bolt

*Wide range of applications, designed to apply in the mid-high latitude flat terrain, mountainous terrain (more suitable for southward mountain areas)


* Point-to-point and real-time monitoring of each tracker

* Rigorous testing beyond industry standards

* Apply soft start-up & brake control technology


* Efficient structural design can save 20% installation time and labor cost.

* Increase power output

* Lower cost compared with non-linked tilt tracker and more power increase. Lower power consumption & easy maintenance

* Plug and play, much easier in installation and maintenance

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