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China-supported solar power plant alleviates power shortages in Central Africa


first solar power plant

Bimbo in Central Africa is located about 9 km west of the capital Bangui. The terrain is flat and the sun shines brightly. About 160,000 square meters of square land carved out in the endless sea of trees is lined with more than 30,000 solar panels 2 meters long and 1 meter wide.

The country's first solar power plant, "Sakai Solar Power Plant," was built by China Energy Engineering Corporation Tianjin Electric Power Construction (China Energy Engineering Corporation), which is under the umbrella of China Energy Engineering Corporation. With an installed capacity of 15 MW, its completion has greatly alleviated the power shortage in Bangui and promoted the development of the local economy and society.

In the country, long-term turmoil has delayed infrastructure development and power shortages have plagued residents. China and Central Africa agreed in September 2018 that China would support the construction of a solar power plant in Central Africa during the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC) held in Beijing. In April 2009, workers from China Noken Tianjin Denken went to the site and started construction. The connection to the power grid was realized on June 15, this year. The power plant currently meets about 30% of Bangui's electricity demand.

According to the project manager of the power plant, Cho Shikoku, Bangui's electricity has so far relied mainly on diesel and hydropower, but light oil is expensive and hydropower is under construction. There wasn't. On the other hand, solar power generation has a short construction period, is environmentally friendly, and has a large power generation capacity, so it was very effective in solving the local power shortage. The construction process created about 700 jobs and helped workers learn various techniques.

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