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  • Industrial & Commercial PV Grid-connected System

    Industrial & Commercial PV Grid-connected System

    Characteristics ·Strong reactive power compensation ability, power factor adjustable range ± 0.8 ·Multiple communication methods are flexible and optional (RS485, Ethernet, GPRS/Wi-Fi) ·Support remote upgrade ·With PID repair, improve module performance ·Equipped with AC and DC switch, maintenance is safer and more convenient ·100% selection of world-renowned components, long service life   Application ·Distributed ·Roofs   ·Hotels ·Factories   ·Resorts ·Commercial buildings ·Conference centers ·Office buildings System power 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW 100KW Solar panel power 400W 420W 450W 450W 450W Number of solar panels 100 PCS 120 PCS 134 PCS 178 PCS 222 PCS Photovoltaic DC cable 1 SET MC4 connector 1 SET Rated output power of inverter 33KW 40KW 50KW 70KW 80KW Maximum output apparent power 36.3KVA 44KVA 55KVA 77KVA 88KVA Rated grid voltage 3/N/PE,400V Grid voltage range 270-480Vac Rated grid frequency 50HZ Grid frequency range 45-65HZ Maximum efficiency 98.60% Island effect protection YES DC reverse connection protection YES AC short circuit protection YES Leakage current protection YES Ingress protection level IP66 Working temperature System Cooling method Natural cooling Maximum working altitude -25~+60℃ Communication 4G (optional)/WiFi (optional) AC output copper core cable 1 SET Distribution box 1 SET Auxiliary material 1 SET Photovoltaic mounting type Aluminum /Carbon steel mounting (one set)

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