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Rooftop Mounting System Tin Roof Solar Mounting for Solar Panel installation

Aluminum Ballasted Mounting System,easy to install---The simple design and pre-assembled components ensure a quick and easy installation.
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New Design Solar Roof Mounting Solutions

Aluminum ballasted mounting system is designed with great flexibility both for the residential and commercial roof solar system. It is small and light weight to the roof sheet.

Advantages are as follow:
1.Ballasted mount, Do not harm the roof structure.
2.Simple Components:Only 4 Parts!
3.Most Parts are Preinstalled, Save 50% Labour Force!
4.Lower and Competitive Price.

Product Informaion

Type: Roof solar mounting 
Installation Site Metal Roof
Specification: Normal, accept customize
Wind load 60m/s
Snow load Up tp 1.4KN/m²
Installation Angle 10-60deg
Material Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel
Fastener parts material Aluminum
PV modules Framed of frameless
Module orientation Landscape or Portrait
Standard JIS C 8955/8956-2011
AS/NZS 1170
DIN 1055,IBC 2006
Anti-corrosive Anodized
Warranty 10 Years and 20Years Duration
Delivery time:
within 20 working days
Standard Packing

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Aluminum ballasted mounting system
tin roof mounting

Aluminum ballasted mounting system
tin roof mounting
metal roof mounting
metal roof bracket
metal roof installation
roof mounting


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Metal Roof Mounting System Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for Tin Roof

With variety of different Tin Roof Brackets, Solar First Tin Roof Mounting System can meet trapezoid or corrugated metal roof and standing seam roof demand with or without penetrating on the roofs.

Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solar Mounting Bracket

Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solar Mounting Bracket

L Feet Brackets For Tin Roof Solar Mounting, veay easy installation.

Screw Pile

Q235 Ground Screw Pile for Solar Panel Bracket

Our Ground Screw is made of Carbon Steel Q235, HDG coating ≥80μm, excellent in corrosion resistance with hot-dip galvanization and compatible with screwing machine in the open area easily. Available with custom-made solution, the length and size can be customized.



Accessories The accessories are made of anodized aluminum 6005-T5. The fasteners are made of SUS304. No. Product Name Picture SF-DR05-L Rail SF-DR06-L Rail SF-HR-L Rail SF-HR-L Rail SF-DR05-SP Rail Connector SF-HR-SP Rail Connector SF-RC-A Rail Clamp Kit

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Characteristics ·Ultra-low starting voltage, ultra-wide voltage range ·Support anti-backflow function ·Support RS485, Wi-Fi, GPRS multiple communication methods ·Automatic voltage stabilization technology, adaptive to complex grid ·Built-in AFCI, can prevent 99% fire risk (optional) ·Easy to install and maintain   Application ·Household  ·Vegetable greenhouse  ·Fish pond System power 3.6KW 6KW 10KW 15KW 20W 30KW Solar panel power 450W 430W 420W Number of solar panels 8 PCS 14 PCS 24 PCS 36 PCS 48 PCS 72 PCS Photovoltaic DC cable 1 SET MC4 connector 1 SET Rated output power of inverter 3KW 5KW 8KW 12KW 17KW 25KW Maximum output apparent power 3.3KVA 5.5KVA 8.8KVA 13.2KVA 18.7KVA 27.5KVA Rated grid voltage 1/N/PE.220V 3/N/PE,400V Grid voltage range 180~276Vac 270 〜480Vac Rated grid frequency 50Hz Grid frequency range 45~55Hz Maximum efficiency 98.20% 98.50% Island effect protection YES DC reverse connection protection YES AC short circuit protection YES Leakage current protection YES Protection level IP65 Working temperature -25 〜+60°C Cooling method Natural cooling Maximum working altitude 4km Communication 4G (optional)/WiFi (optional) AC output copper core cable 1 SET Distribution box 1 SET Auxiliary material 1 SET Photovoltaic mounting type Aluminum /Carbon steel mounting (one set)

L angle for tin roof

Aluminum L Foot for Solar Mount System

Solar L Foot use for Tin Roof PV Mounting System, with high quality and low price.

Steel solar ground carport mounting

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Steel Solar Ground Carports offers a fexible,simple and affordable solution for solar mounting system.solar carports utilize exisiting parking areas to generate renewable power and provide shaded or covered parking for autos,electric charges,on gird mw solar systems.

Module Clamps

Module Clamps

Work with thin film solar module, glass-glass solar module, frame less solar module No.q` Product Name Picture SF-BM-EC80 End Clamp Kit for Frameless Module SF-BM-IC80 Mid Clamp Kit for Frameless Module SF-MC-HP12 Mid Clamp Kit SF-MC-HP18 End Clamp Kit SF-MC-SF71 End Clamp Kit SF-MCSF70 Mid Clamp Kit SF-EC-F35-50 Adjustable End Clamp Kit

Horizon S Series Linked Single Axis Solar Tracking Systems

Horizon S Series Linked Single Axis Solar Tracking Systems

Features & Characteristics High Capacity Every two trackers are linked for up to 4 strings of modules (120 pieces) Compatibility  Compatible to 182/210mm cell solar modules High Stability Be equipped with damper to reduce resonance under extreme environment Reliability  The independent control system help to monitor the operation, find fault points in time, and reduce power output loss Smart Tracking  Adjust tilt angle smartly and timely according to terrain and weather data to increase power output Reasonable Design   The stability is ensured via exclusive structural design and strict wind tunnel test Tracker Structure Tracking Technology Horizontal Single Axis Tracker System Voltage 1000V/1500V Tracking Range ±50° Working Wind Speed 18 m/s (Customizable) Max. Wind Speed 45m/s (ASCE7-10) Max. Wind Speed <120 Modules (Customizable) Principal Materials Hot-Dip Galvanized Q235B/Q355B, Zn-Al-Mg Coated Steel Mean Coating Thickness ≥65 micron Drive System Linear Actuator Foundation type PHC / Cast-in-Place Pile / Steel Pile Control System Control System MCU Tracking Mode Closed Loop Time Control + GPS Tracking Accuracy <2° Communication Wireless (ZigBee, LoRa); Wired (RS485) Powder Acquisition External Supply / String Supply / Self-Powered Auto Stow at Night Yes Auto Stow During High Winds Yes Optimized Backtracking Yes Protection Degree IP65 Working Temperature -30°C-65°C Anemometer Yes Power Consumption 0.3kWh per day Project Reference

Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light

Characteristics ·Reserve 5G base station interface for 5G communication equipment ·Intelligent lighting, supports remote switch lights, dimming, timing, etc ·Built-in high-definition camera, users can remotely monitor the road picture through mobile phone or PC ·The light pole is equipped with WIFI hotspot equipment, and the surrounding users can connect to the WIFI hotspot for Internet browsing ·Built-in broadcasting speakers, support remote audio transmission for remote intercom ·Built-in a variety of weather sensors for environmental monitoring ·Equipped with outdoor LED screen, support remote sending of information, display real-time weather information, advertising information, etc ·With one-button alarm function, quickly report accident information and intelligent unlocking ·Smart unlock   Application ·High-tech park       ·Tourist scenic area       ·Park plaza       ·Commercial district System Parameters Light pole The pole height is 4~13 meters, material: high-quality steel Q235; process: hot dip galvanized inside and outside, surface polyester powder coating; protection level: IP65 LED lights Power: 40W~150W; working voltage: AC220V/50Hz; color temperature: white light 4000~5500K; protection level: IP67 Security camera 2/4 million outdoor high-speed PTZ ball machine; support [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] high frame rate output; support 360° horizontal rotation, vertical direction -15°-90°; lightning protection, anti-surge; water protection grade: IP66 Digital broadcasting Power: 20W~40W; protection level: IP65 One-button alarm Support RJ45 interface/UDP/TCP/RTP protocol; audio sampling: 8kHz~441kHz LED information release Outdoor display screen; size: 480*960/512*1024/640*1280mm (optional); pixel density: 128pix*256pi k; brightness level: ≥5000cd/m; refresh rate: >1920Hz; RJ45 network interface; working voltage : AC220V/50Hz; water protection grade: IP65 Environmental monitoring PM2.5/PM10 particle range: 0.3~1.0/1.0~2.5/2.5-10um; measurement range: 0~999ug/m³; accuracy ±0.1ug Carbon dioxide; effective range: 3000-5000ppm, accuracy: ±(50ppm+5%Fs); resolution: 1ppm Noise: 30~110dB, ±3%Fs Weather monitoring Air temperature: -20℃~90℃; resolution: 0.1℃ Atmospheric pressure: measuring range 1~110kPa Light intensity: 0~200000Lux; resolution: 1Lux Wind speed: starting wind 0.4~0.8m/s, resolution 0.1m/s; wind direction: 360°, dynamic speed ≤0.5m/s Wind direction: range: 0-360°, accuracy: earth 3°, resolution: 1°, starting wind speed: ≤0.5m/s LED single lamp power saving control Single lamp monitoring: voltage AC0~500V, current AC0~80A, output control: AC200V/10A; voltage, current, power, power factor collection; dimming interface: DC0~10V; light-off failure alarm Charging pile AC charging AC220V/50Hz; power 7kW; credit card or WeChat payment Network equipment 5G micro base station, antenna: 64 antenna interface; channel width: 20/40/50/60/80/100MHz Wireless AP (Wifi): Coverage from 100 meters to 300 meters, transmission standard: 802.11a, 802., dual-band concurrent 2.4G, built-in firewall Mobile client Mobile APP Power cord accessories National standard rubber insulated cable three-core YZ3mm*2.5mm square power cord; 3P/63 circuit breaker, etc

Roof  hook

SUS304 Solar Roof Hooks For Tile Roof

Installation Site Roof Type Non Adjustable Size Customized Color Nature Material SUS304 Certification ISO9001 Warantty 10 Years and 20 years service life

solar L feet

Aluminum L Feet Bracket for Metal Sheet Roof

Solar L Feet is common used in Roof Solar System, it is the connector of rail and roof.

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