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Solar First Energy - Gathering Strength and Creating Brilliance


On January 8, 2022, Solar First Energy held the 2022 team building activity ( "Gathering Strength and Creating Brilliance")  in Xiamen Yuelai Farm. Staffs celebrated for unity with joy.

Teamwork games, barbecue were prepared. The staffs of Solar First Energy were energetic and passionate, with laughter. During the games, everyone connected each other naturally, increased trust, cares, and unity.

After the games, the barbecue and picking strawberry in farm were a great way for Solar First Energy's staffs to get closer to nature and enjoy life in a pleasant atmosphere, relieving the stress of their work and relaxing their minds and bodies, making their spiritual life more fulfilling. This is one of the corporate values of Solar First Energy, "Keep the adoration and deference to nature;and the reverence and love to man.", so that all staffs can have both material and spiritual happiness.

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