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  • Module Clamps

    Module Clamps

    Work with thin film solar module, glass-glass solar module, frame less solar module No.q` Product Name Picture SF-BM-EC80 End Clamp Kit for Frameless Module SF-BM-IC80 Mid Clamp Kit for Frameless Module SF-MC-HP12 Mid Clamp Kit SF-MC-HP18 End Clamp Kit SF-MC-SF71 End Clamp Kit SF-MCSF70 Mid Clamp Kit SF-EC-F35-50 Adjustable End Clamp Kit
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  • Cable Clip

    Cable Clip

    One of the best things you can do for the long-term success of a photovoltaic (PV) system is to prioritize wire management during the installation process. SF-CC-01 SF-CC-02 SF-CC-03 SF-CC-04 SF-CC-05        
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  • Grounding Accessories

    Grounding Accessories

    Conduct the static electricity on the mount into the ground. SF-FL-GC-01 SF-FL-GC-02 SF-FL-GC-03 SF-FL-GC-04         SF-FL-GC-05 SF-FL-GC-06 SF-FL-GC-07 SF-FL-GC-08     SF-FL-GC-09 SF-FL-GC-10 SF-FL-GC-11 SF-FL-GC-12    
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  • Rail


    Accessories The accessories are made of anodized aluminum 6005-T5. The fasteners are made of SUS304. No. Product Name Picture SF-DR05-L Rail SF-DR06-L Rail SF-HR-L Rail SF-HR-L Rail SF-DR05-SP Rail Connector SF-HR-SP Rail Connector SF-RC-A Rail Clamp Kit
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    Ground Screw Apply carbon steel Q235 with HDG coating > 80μm, excellent in corrosion resistance. Custom-made solutions are available. DRAWING

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    Why Fence ·To effectively protect personnel safety both inside and outside the project site. ·To prevent theft.

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