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China and the Netherlands will strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy

"The impact of climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Global cooperation is the key to realizing the global energy transition. The Netherlands and the EU are willing to cooperate with countries including China to jointly solve this major global issue." Recently, Sjoerd Dikkerboom, Science and Innovation Officer of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai said that global warming is posing a serious threat to the environment, health, safety, global economy, and people's livelihood, which makes people realize that they must get rid of their dependence on fossil fuels, using new energy technologies such as solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other renewable energy to develop clean and sustainable future energy.

"The Netherlands has a law that bans the use of coal for power generation by 2030. We are also trying to become the center of green hydrogen trading in Europe," Sjoerd said, but global cooperation is still inevitable and necessary, and both the Netherlands and China are working on it. Reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change, in this regard, the two countries have a lot of knowledge and experience that can complement each other.

He cited as an example that China has made great efforts to develop renewable energy and is the most important producer of solar panels, electric vehicles, and batteries, while the Netherlands is one of the leading countries in Europe in the use of electric vehicles and solar energy; In the field of offshore wind power energy, the Netherlands has a lot of expertise in the construction of wind farms, and China also has strong strength in technology and equipment. The two countries can further promote the development of this field through cooperation.

According to the data, in the field of low-carbon environmental protection, the Netherlands currently has multiple advantages such as technical knowledge, testing and verification equipment, case presentations, talents, strategic ambitions, financial support, and business support. The upgrading of renewable energy is its economic sustainable development. top priority. From strategy to industrial agglomeration to energy infrastructure, the Netherlands has formed a relatively complete hydrogen energy ecosystem. Currently, the Dutch government has adopted a hydrogen energy strategy to encourage companies to produce and use low-carbon hydrogen and is proud of it. "The Netherlands is known for its strengths in R&D and innovation, with world-leading research institutions and a high-tech ecosystem, which helps us to position ourselves well for the development of hydrogen technology and next-generation renewable energy solutions," Sjoerd said.

He further stated that on this basis, there is broad space for cooperation between the Netherlands and China. In addition to cooperation in science, technology, and innovation, first, they can also cooperate in policy formulation, including how to integrate renewable energy into the grid; second, they can cooperate in industry-standard formulation.

In fact, in the past ten years, the Netherlands, with its advanced environmental protection concepts and measures, has provided a wealth of application scenarios for many Chinese new energy technology companies to "go global", and has even become the overseas "first choice" for these companies to implement new technologies.

For example, AISWEI, known as the "dark horse" in the photovoltaic field, chose the Netherlands as the first place to expand the European market, and constantly improved the local product layout to maximize the market demand in the Netherlands and even Europe and integrate into the green innovation ecology of Europe circle; as the world's leading solar technology company, LONGi Technology took its first step in the Netherlands in 2018 and reaped explosive growth. In 2020, its market share in the Netherlands reached 25%; Most of the application projects are landed in the Netherlands, mainly for local household photovoltaic power plants.

Not only that, the dialogue and exchanges between the Netherlands and China in the energy field are also continuing. According to Sjoerd, in 2022, the Netherlands will be the guest country of the Pujiang Innovation Forum. "During the forum, we organized two forums, where experts from the Netherlands and China exchanged views on issues such as water resource management and energy transition."

"This is just one example of how the Netherlands and China are working together to solve global problems. In the future, we will continue to conduct dialogues, build an open and fair cooperation ecosystem, and promote deeper cooperation in the above and other fields. Because the Netherlands and China are in many fields They can and should complement each other," Sjoerd said.

Sjoerd said that the Netherlands and China are important trading partners. Over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the surrounding world has undergone tremendous changes, but what remains unchanged is that the two countries have been working together to deal with various global challenges. The biggest challenge is climate change. We believe that in the field of energy, China and the Netherlands each have specific advantages. By working together in this area, we can accelerate the transition to green and sustainable energy and achieve a clean and sustainable future .”

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